Traditional End of the Year Toast and Roast: A Look Back on Coaching in 2017

What were the highs that you would toast from 2017 with your coaching practice? What would you roast? What stories do you have? Who were your most challenging clients? What moments were not at all funny at the time but make you laugh now?

Mark your calendars for the annual end of year call on December 13th. Our AC community is rich with a lot of wisdom, heart and authenticity. Let’s spend an hour together sharing these gifts and get complete for 2017. It doesn’t matter whether you have been practicing for 20 years or one year, we all have something to share.

Come bringing:

  • A funny story
  • Big wins
  • A conversation gone wrong
  • Any coaching hiccups
  • A joke
  • Any embarrassing moments

You will leave the call feeling the absolute joy of being a coach and remembering why you choose this work as you head off into 2018.





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