Traditional End of the Year Toast and Roast: A Look Back on Coaching in 2018

Thank you to everyone who joined the call to contribute their thoughts, celebrations, vulnerability, and bloopers of 2018!

Once a year we have the pleasure of inviting Accomplishment Coaching participants and Affiliates across the country to take the mic, share our insights, and collaborate. It’s a designed yearly call in which we intentionally create an organized free-for-all to connect and “let our hair down”.

Some of the highlights of the call included:

  • Major wins over the past year, including putting our kids, husbands, and parents into the program (which are accompanied with all sorts of vulnerable challenges and stories!).
  • Funny things we do as coaches (good jokes and bad jokes).
  • Client mistakes that we won’t make twice, especially in hindsight!
  • Sharing our fears, wisdom, and normalcy of transformation.
  • The tragedy of nodding off during a client call, but that can hilariously contribute to using “silence on purpose”.

It was a beautiful celebration of all the ground taken, the ridiculous generosity and courage it takes to be a Coach, the connection and uniqueness that this community of people provide, and the gift of being in this transformative work TOGETHER.

Thank you for joining and have a Happy Holidays and an exquisitely wonderful New Year! See you in 2019!


Affiliate Community Team (ACT)



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