Transformation with Dr. Marcia Reynolds

Mastering the Art of Turning Difficult Conversations into Breakthroughs

Dr. Marcia Reynolds, President of Covisioning LLC, and Master Certified Coach and past Presidency of ICF (2000) shares her insights with coaches around the world, to increase consciousness and caring as well as innovation.

Marcia’s award-winning books “Outsmart Your Brain” and “Wander Woman: How High-Achieving Women Find Contentment and Direction”, have appeared in many places including Harvard Communications Newsletter, Cosmopolitan, and The New York Times and she has appeared on ABC World News.

Her new book, “The Discomfort Zone: How Leaders Turn Difficult Conversations into Breakthroughs”, has been discussed in Fast Company, and on as well as many leading leadership blogs.

She will present: The 4 Stages of “The Discomfort Zone” highlighted in her book:

  • The Set Up: The essentials for preparing to hold Discomfort Zone conversations
  • The Model: A proven model for conducting Discomfort Zone conversations to open people’s minds to new possibilities
  • Case Studies: Many of these are likely to apply to your own situations
  • Developmental Ideas: Ways to support your growth and ensure your success

Marcia will demonstrate her Deep Listening Techniques and solicit audience participation for her exercises during this call.


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