Using our coaching tools to get past “Getting it Right” to “Getting over Myself”

  Creating lightness and ease in your coaching and your business.

As coaches we can get caught up in getting it right, doing it perfect or looking good.  When this happens we may get serious, stubborn or revert to ‘fixing’, consciously or sub-consciously creating our own agenda that gets in the way of accessing our clients’ genius.

While there are times when it’s appropriate to get serious in coaching, ‘Being Serious’ is generally not the way of being that will create the breakthroughs for which we are hired! 

Join AC affiliate and graduate, Karen Carey, as she talks about using the tools we already have in our AC Toolbox to keep your clients moving forward with clarity and ease.  She will invite us to use the tools as vehicles to get past our agendas and attachments.  ‘Let the tools do the work!’   By using the tools we automatically take our survival mechanisms out of the conversation and allow our Essence to source our clients and ourselves.  Karen will review the Relationship to Results tool as an example of using tools.

Karen is a cancer survivor, who has been graced by her sister’s loving reminder to “Get over myself”.  She now works with her husband Kevin, and two other coaches in Saratoga Springs, NY at the Life Stylized Success Center.





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