What Do You Really Want for your Coaching Practice?

 It’s very easy for us to create our coaching practice from external influences, like what we believe  the market is, our peers, media and advice, but to sit down and have a conversation designed to help us crystallize what we really want, so we can commit to something we’re truly connected to, can be invaluable.
Tracy Goss is a nearly universally acknowledged leader in Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Corporate Reinvention.  Her book, The Last Word On Power, is a mainstay in organizational transformation and a required part of our curriculum.  Tracy’s practice is focused on reinvention at the Fortune 500 level and we’re grateful that she has such a strong commitment to supporting the growth of the transformation conversation in the world that it supports her to speak with us.  Each and every one of us and what we are up to in life is a part of her vision for the planet.
Tracy is inviting us to be a part of a conversation about distinguishing the difference between personal transformation and leadership transformation that she conducts with executives.  There is a clear difference and she wants to help us understand that difference to serve our transition into the corporate and organizational sphere.  She also wants to help us be more powerful, to step in line with our own personal vision of our practices no matter what path we choose for our practices.


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