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 Tiffany Turner

Hi All – slightly out of order with LKT’s response posted first, but here’s my original enrollment email!


Team –


This email is intended to address What I’m Here For in playing PC another year, What You Can Count On Me For during that time, and an enrollment of missing Saturday and half of Sunday at both Modules 1 and 2.
I’m putting this in for the new PCs who might not know what I’m up against: I’ve been a waffler (someone who goes back and forth) who’s created a really “hard” life in every chapter of my career. Even looking back at my first job at a video store at age 14 – it was DRAMA, and it was hard. I couldn’t see it until two weeks ago, that leaving AC is inside the same pattern of “I don’t care about work, so I’ll quit because it’s hard” followed by a lot of FOMO and desire to go back to the job I just quit. What I’m here for, is to break that cycle once and for all. My career doesn’t work if I’m waffling and don’t care about it. So I’ve worked with my coach to put several structures into place that will keep me in an IN conversation all year, and instead of waffling (my automatic) bring a higher level of Ownership, Playing Out Loud, and a Demand For Support. I can see how owning where I’m at, and what I need, from an ABSOLUTE IN place, will cause something different, and I’m here to get that.
What you can count on me for is powerful relationship and support, being reliable and dependable both in what you’re up to, and in what I’m up to. This year, I will own Qualification across the entire team, leading the Qual game the entire year. I will serve team from the unique place of being the only return PC, that’s not declared as an LiT. What I see here, is for me to bring a massive level of support to new PCs, and in doing so, supporting the LiT’s growth into new areas, allowing them to source the program and the room, fully knowing and trusting that I got team. To the new PCs, you can count on me to bring a level of support inside relationship so rich and deep, that the messes we make, are laughable, and we giggle together as we grow together.
Are you all enrolled in who I will be to you, and what I’m committed to for myself in this upcoming year?
Looking at modules 1 and 2, I want to say that I know there’s dozens of ways to design this, and I’m not attached to any of what I’m about to offer, however, I do see a massive breakthrough for me, and team, if it all happened this way.
Last year, I was convinced I couldn’t have it all, and I can now see that was from an entitled, lazy place of not wanting to do “hard” work. What I can see now, is that it is all possible, and it’s going to take something for me to generate having it all, and it’s not “hard” it’s an opportunity and a breakthrough.
That said, AC is a higher priority commitment to me than either of my conflicting commitments, so I’m willing to change my plans to be at all of modules 1 and 2 if as a team that’s the more powerful and supportive path. The breakthrough I’m playing for here is Having It All. Will you all support me in generating that breakthrough? Not just for me, but also so that I can lead our team and AC in the possibility of them Having It All?
To fill the gaps of my absences, this is what I see: qual and reg are what we’re reliable to play all out at module 1, so I declare that I will own Qual for our team (all year), and declare every teammate qualified by the time we sit Saturday morning of Module 1, so that we can focus on Reg.
To support Reg, I will source a leader within the company who is Squeaky Clean with AC, and Reg, and enroll them in owning Reg at module 1, so that Britt and other LiTs can be in the room, focusing on leading Distinguished Being. Anyone not in the room, will have a powerful leader supporting them in Reg outside of the room.
We have no idea what will come between modules 1 and 2, and I’m fully committed to creating a win/win in my absence Saturday/Sunday – my request is trust and partnership here. To look at where team is at, and what we need, and create something around the gap my absence after module 1. Can you all align on creating something powerful from a place of higher clarity of what team needs after module 1?
In addition to these things, I declare that I will produce two registrations before the program closes.
Declaring all this is scaring and exciting! I have no idea how it’s going to go, and I’m so clear that playing for all this will cause breakthroughs everywhere.
What else do you see for me and team?
With fear, excitement, stand, and rigor,
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