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 Brittany Cotton

Hey all-

I see many ways we could distinguish this breakdown. A breakdown in team, commitment, possibility,  ownership etc. The good news is in we are in the business of breakdowns. AND I’m both a stand and a demand, that we play for breakdowns worthy of our lives. I feel like there is a song that goes… “no more drama, no no no more drama drama”.

We are ferocious, powerful, wise, and badass leaders. What if we played for breakdowns worthy of who we are, and in that same vein BREAKTHROUGHS worthy of us too. For example: the breakdown it would be of LKT having so many clients she doesn’t know where to put them all, a breakdown of Quinn having so many donations for the work he is doing, that he can’t decide what communities to give back to first, Nichole’s incredible son getting into Ivy League colleges and not knowing which to choose, like Jeff getting so much sleep and rest, he has so much energy he can’t decide if he should teach his kids baseball first or mentor underprivileged children first. Like Mike having a breakthrough in voice such that we can’t get him to shut up, Sabrina a breakthrough of trust that has her so open hearted, the sun has to battle her for light…

Our work is in breakdowns. And our work is also in stands that are unreasonable, and calling forth each other beyond where we want to stop. I am a stand that we do not play small, nor allow each other to feed into breakdowns that are chump change.  Im also a stand that we create breakthroughs everywhere.

I see your point T around Sarabeth, and consider we can actually create a breakthrough in her being the one.

Charlie- yes you have every reason to be stuck/at effect of the circumstance. But guess what, we aren’t going to let you. It seems you have seduced yourself in your power leak, and us too. I’m not enrolled. You are too magnificent for that conversation. What do you need for this to be flat, NSNK by tomorrow? As leader what do you say is next, and what will you enroll us in? Whats the breakthrough available?

This breakdown is representative of who all of us are being and where we are stopping. I say hell no. This gets to go how we say.

So, what do we say?



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