Reply To: Massage Therapist

 Jeff Miller

Thanks T. It seems like this conversation is around choosing from scarcity versus creating abundance. For me, the actual massage therapist isn’t the thing. It is all around who we as a team are being around the accountability. Charlie, I got tons of love for you, but at times (And currently) it lands as if you don’t think you are capable. And I am unwilling to tolerate a conversation that is beneath your greatness. I would love to see Leader Charlie come out and play and own this (and the rest of your life) like a boss. And that doesn’t mean “having” to do it all alone. Trust me, I can totally relate to the automatic of doing things by yourself. And that is not the game we are all committed to playing. Otherwise we would not be on a TEAM. What will it take for you to own this Charlie? To T’s point, what do you see from here? And I totally know we can create this and have it flat by EOD tomorrow.

What about the rest of team?

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