Reply To: Massage Therapist

 Aarti Mallya

I talked with Charlie earlier and I’m curious what he says here before I put in anything from our conversation.

I will say what I didn’t put in with Charlie and I see for myself is I could be playing and standing for Charlie at the same time. I haven’t called any massage therapist cause of my fears and breakdowns. I have it that I’ve been taking more actions, saying what’s so more and I’ve reached out for more support than I would usually. But I have still have been selective and trying to calculate things. I am playing for abundance and having it all. Well actually I feel like I’ve been playing weak and in lots of fear. My commitment is to bring more, More, and MORE of me.

Back to team I say I’m excited to see Charlie brings and takes away with all of this and we can all play without waiting for him to direct us. My declaration is to connect with 3 message therapist tomorrow.

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