Reply To: Massage Therapist

 Charlie Horn


massage therapist represents modeling well being for the participant coaches and for the program and leader coaches as well. I see us parlaying the well being generated from the massage therapist conversation into a all encompassing module of well being. I see this conversation as a place to start to air out our breakdowns in well being and a place to generate support and powerful first module stand for each other’s well being moving through the weekend into next week. The best way to learn is to teach and this is an opportunity to teach at the highest level. What is possible for our community as a whole from well being. What are the ripple affects of the well being we will generate this weekend. How open will our hearts be when they are sourced exceptionally well throughout the module. What will each of our experiences be like when we trust each other to hold us each to a higher level of taking care of our being in the moment from a simple easy perspective. What games can we create around well being this weekend. Quinn you have points games. How can we incorporate points games into well being. Imagine each participant (and each of us) held all module in a space of unconditional love respect and care to the point that there is no where for survival mechanism to hide and the walls of protection and defense are toppled from the waves of being that flow from us all. What if we crossed the streams of being like the ghost busters crossing the streams of there proton packs to kill the stay puff marshmallow man. My call out to each of us is to really think about what will source your being most effectively in the moment. Will we each generate a fail safe being source. Will it be a picture on your phone? A request for a hug? A 10 minute break. What will we each put in place each day to have at the ready to open our hearts and be reminded of how lucky we are to be humans first and  alive in a time where we can spend four days in a space with air conditioning and all the comforts living in 2019?

I will call sarabeth tomorrow. Thanks T for freakin modeling what relentless powerful stand looks like and pushing your growth edge around your breakthrough. Thank you all for your phone calls and messages. Thanks for showing me the way to this email. Thanks team for looking at what will bring the fun and excitement to well being. I am pumped for the possibility in my leadership and my willingness to let go of doing, to make slow fast by being in patient conversation in all my relationships and allow the space for partnership to flourish. To source and make possible my life’s purpose  of connection with other humans through well being from which all is possible and without the foundation of well being possibility lessens. What I see for you all is to shelter the flame of possibility throughout the module by setting up here the awareness in what could take you out of being and what you will create as a source in those moments. What can we all know about each other here and now so we can best stand for each other when the flame flickers. Can we create a team container of support for well being for the module? I say yes.

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