Reply To: Quinn's Enrollment

 Tiffany Turner

Hey Quinn –

Thanks for your enrollment, and for sharing what you need. I’m enrolled in your needs being FULLY met, and you going into surgery next week sourced and full. I see a breakthrough for our entire team in flat communication, so I’m speaking from that place and I invite everyone else on team to do the same.

  • I love Lake to her core, and she’s in a similar place as you, stuck in feelings, false starts, and she is not CPR. For that reason, I’m not enrolled in you missing module to spend the weekend with Lake. That would be more of the same, avoiding discomfort and surrounding yourself with others who are stuck in a similar place as you.
  • Diet: I’m not enrolled that diet is difficult based on circumstance. LKT pumped milk multiple times a day, at modules, for a year. She had one complaint, one time, because an entire weekends milk went bad when hotel staff unplugged the freezer. The diet stuff lands as a complaint, and more inaction around creating life by design. I see a breakthrough for you in planning ahead around your needs. I see diet for a weekend in LA as the same as diet for a weekend in SD. What breakthrough in Consistent Action could you create here?
  • What I’m unenrolled in from your Being, is that contextually, you seem to be in the same place of “They don’t get it/They don’t get me,” and explaining or defending from there. That’s just more of Lonely Bee running the show in creating Separate and Alone, and I’m not enrolled in you creating a Well Being breakthrough from a place of us not getting you. We see you, we get you, we respect, love, and are a demand for your greatness. So there’s no room for these shenanigans.
  • What would be enrolling for me, is to hear what we can rely on you for for the rest of the year, regardless of circumstance. What I would be most enrolled in, is No Drama, No Roller Coaster. What structures would make that life possible for you? What do you get on the other side of it? How does this team get to support those things for you? How does creating this give you another layer or level of breakthrough in Consistent Action?

I love you. I’m on your team. I want you to live the life of your dreams. It is all possible.

<3 T.

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