Reply To: Quinn's Enrollment

 Tiffany Turner

Thanks for bringing a flat response. Can you add what structures and actions you’ll be in to flatten the roller coaster, and to create emotional and physical stability?

Regarding Lake, I LOVE the idea of you two being together, powerfully creating something, I know you’d have an amazing time and be sourced from being with her.

What I’m not enrolled in, is how that’s more of the same, it’s inside your comfort zone, and inside something/someone that’s already safe (when we’re all committed to you creating safe space/relationship EVERYWHERE). For those reasons, I’m not enrolled in your vision of spending this weekend with Lake.

You being in nature, sourcing, getting your well being needs met before surgery, totally enrolled in that.

I want to be clear that you don’t need me to be enrolled. I’m standing for something different, especially because the impact of you not being at Module 1 is huge; it will have impact on our leader team, the participant team, and on you and your growth. So for all that impact to happen in your absence, I’d need to see something of equal impact created outside of AC – this is likely to be uncomfortable, because it would be new, and unknown for you. The Lake vision is beautiful and I fully support it, just not enrolled in that being the thing that keeps you from Mod 1.

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