Reply To: Quinn's Enrollment

 Brittany Cotton


Your resilience and determination is astounding. Again and again you work through stuff, come out empowered, and continue to ask for more. Thanks for being so in here with us, and trusting us with you.

I really acknowledge you in using enrollment to get support and what you need. That is absolutely a breakthrough. I hear and see your stand for your well being, and how perfect for the module we are in. I am enrolled in you getting what you need, through and through. And I notice I’m torn. Im super enrolled in you standing for your well being, and I’m not enrolled in you missing the first module. However, I can align.

What I need to be enrolled in you being on this team, fully- is your commitment to practice relating to yourself as someone on this team, who has just as many circumstances and stops as the rest of us. I notice you tend to relate to your circumstances as bigger, worse, different than everyone else’s and while I do agree that you go through and have trials and experiences we could never imagine, and have no knowledge of, your relationship with you being different and “other” keeps you different and Othered. I shared this with you yesterday on our call, and I’m a stand that you break it up. The terminal uniqueness has you playing outside, and separate, and again I don’t disagree that you live in a world that doesn’t support you the way it does cis gender white men/woman, but the constant self talk that you have it worse, are different, etc creates this experience for you, and seems to keep you playing small and constantly in “battle.” I see such a breakthrough possible for you in relating to yourself as in community, accepted, love, and a part of all of it.

I agree with T on the roller coaster and I would like to hear what structures you will put in place to support you, and so that we can support you too.

I am enrolled in you playing full out for the next month for clients, just as I am for the rest of our team. If someone isn’t qualified by the weekend, they still have a month to play, just like we still have a month to play registration. To be clear our stand is that people get hired by Monday so they can get participants, AND we will continue to play full out for a month both for more butts in seats and our team getting qualified to potentially get to coach those new peeps.

I too am happy that you are so passionate about coming to support AC in more diversity and inclusion. And there are many conversations to be had. I brought the pronouns up at our leader call yesterday, and we all discussed what we see around putting the pronouns on the Table Tents, introducing ourselves that way, etc. I am happy to share that conversation with you, and be in partnership around it. Similar to what T put in there is some defending/explaining in your being, while I know you are passionate about, and rightly so,  it actually has you not be enrolling. It sometimes comes off as “you’ve done wrong, what the fuck” and in terms of creating inclusion and space for everyone, that feels like the opposite. Especially when someone has just met you and suddenly seem to be paying for someone else’s wrong doing.

The last piece I need to be enrolled is what you are creating to generate a breakthrough in money. NSNK.  While our number one focus is the participants transforming, its also about us having our lives not just work but thrive. Currently your life doesn’t work and has you exhausted, overwhelmed, etc. Im not enrolled in you living like this. You are too powerful and magnificent, and capable of ANYTHING.

I feel like I could go on forever… but ill sign off here.

Who else has something for Quinn?


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