Reply To: Quinn's Enrollment

 Jeff Miller

Thank you Quinn for going further than you would normally go. I acknowledge you for practicing enrollment and really standing for what you want to create. This is awesome to see! I am similar to Brittany with what is missing in me being fully enrolled. The one thing I would definitely echo, is that all of us need to have our life work and using AC as A structure and not THEY structure. It does not work to have AC be one more thing that adds stress or takes away from our lives. AC as a structure works when we can leverage all of the gold we get and insert it into our lives. That is what I am standing for with all of us.

Are you willing to empower AC as a structure to support all of the amazing things you are up too? Are you willing like Brittany said, NSNK create a new relationship with money that actually makes your life work? This would have me be enrolled.

Who else has something for Quinn and team?


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