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 Tiffany Turner

Team, I want to share what’s so around Qual going into this weekend:

  • Sabrina – 1 FP (GAP of 2)
  • Quinn – 0 FP (GAP of 3)
  • Charlie – 0 FP (GAP of 3)
  • Mike – 1 FP (GAP of 2)
  • Nichole – 0 FP (GAP of 3)
  • Juliana – 3 FP (GAP of 1)
  • LKT – 3 FP (GAP of 1)

I notice that our team is in a TON of action, and not producing the declared results (myself included), and it has me wonder what is Out about our team Being, and what is Out for each of us in who we’re Being about our declared results?

A place we’ve discussed a lot as a team has been Quinn and his money breakdown. I have it that if Quinn handled his money breakdown, how that one breakdown spills over into so many other parts of his life would be handled. LKT and I had a convo yesterday and distinguished that the thing she’s avoiding and not handling, is a breakdown in her marriage. For me, it’s that I’m not reliable to find a way forward in team/leadership outside of Control & Manage – and I can see the impact of this everywhere.

What’s out for you? What’s the big, foundational piece that you’re not addressing, that’s spilling over into every corner of your life?

Will you share that here so that we can support you in it?

With love,


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