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 Tiffany Turner

I just reflected some of this in the qual thread – I see that there’s something foundational that our team Being is skipping over, or avoiding, and I’m not sure what it is. When I look at each individual, I believe there’s one foundational thing in their life that’s not being addressed, but I can’t access what that is for the entirety of our team..what do you see?

I realize I relate to the start of a new program year as, “Yeah, it’ll be a mess playing Reg and Qual,” and I wonder how I’m self-creating that mess by relating to it that way. I also know that the declarations I made in owning Qual and next-leveling my leadership in Reg were in service of something new, and I can see that I’m caught up in my patterns of Control & Manage (C&M), which aren’t the breakthrough, and aren’t going to generate something new.

Who will support me on a call today in connecting to something new?

And team, I am SO reliable to bring C&M, and sometimes, it’s great and what we need, but I seriously don’t need more practice in it, and I’d really appreciate support and partnership in finding a new way. That might mean you all calling my C&M behaviors EVERY TIME YOU SEE THEM. Be a demand for new leadership in me, the same that I’m a demand for new leadership in you.

Thank you, love you all to pieces!


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