Reply To: Quinn's Enrollment

 Sabrina Pratt

Hi Quinn!

I really appreciate your resilience, power, heart and leaning in again and again. THANK YOU!!! These are all the many wonderful things you bring to our team (and to the world) and there’s so much more, too!

I know we have had a lot of 1:1 conversations this week and this year. And I also know that you continue to question my friendship, our friendship and if you can trust me or not. I also know that trust is generated from you and that it is a choice.

I also want to recognize that I may have, inadvertently, in my effort to provide you support, been enabling the separate & alone in the process of generating those 1:1 conversations. So, I want to put that on loud speaker for the team, too.

I love you. I have already put in quite a bit verbally with you this week.

For me to be enrolled I will need to know that you are genuinely trying something different with this enrollment. Right now I have it that you changed your plane ticket and your weekend plans to go hang out with your friend in Hollywood. I am seeing this as you doing more of the “either work OR play” game that keeps you in scarcity in terms of money, time, love, connection, etc. And I am not enrolled in that. I am standing for your greatness and for you to break up that problem/strategy thing that’s got you pushing away what you crave most (connection).

I will need to know that YOU are fully enrolled in YOUR own life- in having it truly work (I echo what Britt shared) and in playing BIG everywhere. Which means surrendering  your “rightness” and probably also your “righteousness.” From my SM, I am a self-righteous loser and pfffrrrttt. The world definitely doesn’t need more of those.

I will need to know that you are truly enrolled in playing full out on our program coach team. I need to know that you are fully enrolled and not holding anything on AC, or us, or yourself. I will need to know that you are fully enrolled in empowering this structure to work for you and not be another thing in your life dinging you. (echoing what Jeff shared)

I have a longer draft that I need to check out and finish before I send but this is the broad strokes of it, for now.

Love you;


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