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 Charlie Horn


Yes that is what the underlying way of being I was in when I wrote the email. Your reflection makes sense to me. I am not sure what there is to do about it to create partnership other than request of everyone to continue to give me feedback so I may practice sitting with it and practice how leader will be about it. One thing I will take on is to be in action from vision and possibility instead of getting it write or having to prove. Boom!! another breakthrough.


Your acknowledgment, is supportive. I am going to create a marco polo group with our team. My vision is to have a space where we can access our being through visual and auditory presence. What I see for all of us is a space for only specific intentional requests for acknowledgement and to have that request for support be met in a timely manner by at least one of our team. Marco polo is a quick simple easy ( and FUN!!!:) app where ewe can sprinkle the support to serve our well being. Can you feel the LOVE now as you get acknowledged by video? Can you feel the team flavor of being WITH each other  even though we may not be physically present in the moment. Can you see how powerful having access to acknowledgment on the fly can fan the flames of being in essence more deeply and for longer periods of time. Can you feel the life preserver being tossed to you from team when you call out for support in acknowledgment. My request for support is each of you download marco polo (yes….. they give me a kicker for everyone i sign up. LOL just kidding) keep the boundary of making it simply about requesting support in acknowledgment and acknowledging as a way to stay WITH each other and HAVE each others backs to fuel the fire of Unconditional Love and support.

Here is where we are at with massage therapist’s.

I have been texting with sarabeth and been getting mucho support from T. Thanks T.

All of this is from sara beth. I have not confirmed with Stephanie or Nico. I am practicing trust and willing to get it wrong. Instead of my default of trust but verify which has the flavor of not trusting and a power leak and time suck for me. My breakthrough around this is to open up the space between event or stimulus and response (instead of reaction).

Sara beth (858) 472-9835

Stephanie (619) 994-6825

Nico, I emailed Nico for his phone number [email protected] and (619) 786-2936 is the number on the inter web I L/M

I have a email from sarabeth with verification of license, insurance and an invoice for payment.

I have a email from T with Sarabeths W-9

Sara beth has all the info for parking, location, timeline.

what do you all see in this for me and you?



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