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 Aarti Mallya

My breakdown is in having little to no fun. Just doing, trying to do so much more than ever before and having high expectations of myself. Plus I let scarcity and perfectionism take so much of my energy and time. Then I go into my pity party when I’m not doing all the things and try to push harder until I burn out. Even though I have been in more action than ever before it just doesn’t seem to be good enough cause I’m not excelling in all area’s that I want to be and getting the results. So then I feel ashamed, worthless, etc… Now that I think I’ve put enough explication on the negative and shat all over myself let talk about what really matters.

Fun and acknowledgement are the big foundational pieces for me

I see the opportunity to play with my schedule. I know what I value most and what is going to serve now and toward the direction I want to go. Which is most of what I have in my leadership check list I’ve created…Focus First – All serving/structures – 1. Health-Mind, Body, Soul – 2. Fast $-Lyft, odd jobs, other Money 3. Relationships-Fun, Relationships, dates. 4. Business- Coaching and Speaking.

I’m thinking what will be most beneficial for me and my being is list all the things and put a gauge on how much each one fills my cup and drains my cup. I have it that it’s the order and how I’m relating to some of this stuff is killing me. I will these things to my coach.

I was thinking today and highly considering getting 7 people to have a certain day of the week where they text, call, or even email me for the next four weeks acknowledging me.


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