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 Tiffany Turner

Team, I’m sorry for not using forum as a structure more consistently around my enrolled absence.

I was about to respond on Quinn’s enrollment thread asking where he’s at, and what we can expect from him, and I realized that I haven’t done that for you all around me and where I’m at.

Not only did I not generate a substitute for this weekend like I said I would, I actually stopped being in action on Wednesday. I missed a big opportunity in my breakthrough for support by avoiding sharing What’s So with me, and through my chosen distraction of Sourcing Team and Owning Qual. As a result, there will be a negative impact of my absence tomorrow and Sunday, and in there not being a bad ass AC leader in SD to lead the team. I’m so sorry.

I also haven’t produced my declared result of all coaches qualified by Saturday morning. I know many teammates are still in action and hustling and sourcing their Beings, and as I go into wedding festivities, I realize that I’m not reliable to continue playing Qual Leader between now and 9am tomorrow, when team sits.

In service of this game not being over, who sees something in it for them to lead Qual between now and tomorrow at 9am? Will you support me and support team?

Please LMK what you see for me, and if you need anything from me. Let’s generate the next level of ourselves together. I see more integration of Being and Doing, support, and Standing for one another.

All my love,


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