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 Charlie Horn



Man I am excited to be with you all tomorrow and everything that is in store for us this module. breakdowns welcomed over here. And I’m a little scared. What I am really present to is how much POWER is accessible from this group of open hearted humans and I am so grateful for the support I have received this week. Thank You all.

I have a win to share. I just picked up some new attire for the module at mens warehouse and confirmed a sample session with Eddie the manager. He hooked me up last night by helping me overcome my lack of fashion sense. We ended up talking about family and kiddos and work and what he was up to and I shared with him the reason for the new clothes and what I was up to. What he told me just now was since last night he talked to some friends and has been contemplating coaching since our conversation last night. And then out of nowhere he throws in this cool travel bag because he was out of plastic covers for the clothes. And because he was so excited about coaching I told him I would share his number with my team so he could get to sample what different coaches are like. What I notice is how I am being about my breakdowns this week and how you all are fueling the flame of essence within me. Great work team for having me!!!

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