Reply To: Service Project Vision


Awesome – thanks Sabrina. Do please reach out to me for the training around this.

I’ll put some of this in here in service of a team conversation.

Would love to hear more around your vision with the adults who have mental and/or physical disability. Disability can be confronting and invite an expanded ‘be with’ and depending on the community, it may evoke sympathy from participants, so I would invite us to look closely at the intention of the community selected.

We also want to generate three options that are fully vetted and enrolled. In other words, three distinct communities that meet our CoS and are enrolled in having us show up on Monday morning (ideally…acknowledging it’s veterans day).

So Sabrina as the leader of this accountability, please lead us in generating these three options, and share by when you will have these – and will you remind us by when will you bring enrollment to the full team around the option you would have us participate in, the breakthroughs you see available. And by when will it be flat?

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