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JuSih, it looks like you decided to post MoPAs. Thanks.

Hey Britt – how’s it going with taking a look at how we can source / support you (per Nichole’s beautiful MP message)? I’m just now seeing this exchange and while I truly – TRULY – appreciate how you are 3 steps ahead of all of it, and always willing to support and provide training, as owner of accountabilities and production overall, I am requesting some partnership in a) backing off aka delegating 🙂 and b) directing people who want to take ownership and get the training to me.

You and I spoke about the binder before and during the weekend. Your modeling of leadership and unconditional yes is super powerful, and my request – from standing for my own leadership development – is that you support me to cause my leadership by slowing down and redirecting your focus, when it comes to production things to me – “hey LKT, can you get with Sabrina?” or “yo LKT, what has you not owning the binder like we talked about?” <– lol, I’ll love you for that one =)

I told T that to be enrolled in her returning to team I needed her to redirect her powerful control+manage muscle to support me in my breakthrough in ownership of the program in my area of accountabilities (versus going to you from being enrolled in my circumstances vs. my greatness).

It would be faster not to – for her, for you and in this case for Sabs. It may even mean fewer oversights, but it’s my demand that you partner with me per your declaration and in service of your breakthroughs in trust and partnership. You reminded us recently – and brilliantly, that we are in the business of breakdowns. So in service of all of our next level, will you support me this way and maybe even allow a production breakdown in service of our leadership?

If not for me, do it for your man. XO

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