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 Brittany Cotton

Thanks LKT!

Yes!! I will absolutely delegate and ask that people take their questions and requests of support around accountabilities/production to you, in service of your leadership here.

I notice I have so much to give you that it seems like you will be annoyed or taken out, OR not focus on your business etc (similar to what Kerry was pointing to during the module about you always saying yes, versus focusing on you and your games first). I will put my meaning aside and trust that when its too much or you are tired of hearing from me– you will tell me 🙂


I am all for breakdowns that will cause leadership, and team, etc. AND I’m also stuck being our word to our participants, and creating action from our commitment to them and this being the worlds finest coach training program. I say this mostly as an inquiry and request for support around where to look or what others see. for example my initial reaction is like well we said the affiliate site would be up and they could get what they need, so why wouldn’t I do the quick thing that could get them that, versus sitting back being not sure with time difference how long it will take you, when you will see, etc  and not doing anything till you know about it. This is definitely where I can use some support, cause my brain is like DO the thing that you know you can, such that we can be our word to our participants. And I totally see the describe/manage and wanting it to be just right for them etc which gets in the way of gold/ breakthroughs, yada yada 🙂 so something for me to work on in leaning back. And also something to look at in our partnership. The place I get stopped is this: I’m all for breakdowns AND why have unnecessary ones when we don’t need to, when we know there will tons of big ones to learn from. I don’t have the answer to that, and I don’t think there necessarily is one. Just something I am looking at.

Lastly, I got a bit taken out by your last line, “if not for me than for your man.” It felt like a dig, and made me feel a little slimed. I trust that wasn’t your intention but wanted to put it on loudspeaker.

Love you. Your demand is accepted and honored 🙂


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