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 Brittany Cotton

Hey all,

Juliana and all- thanks for jumping in and already looking at who!

Charlie- No, the guest clients aren’t meant to be confronting as a CoS. They are simply human– and things happen 🙂

Juliana- per LKTs request I would love for you to practice your leadership and put in the CoS you see, and then we can support filling in gaps.

To respond to Jeff, and this is training for everyone: The enrollment of guests clients is that they will be in service for a year. Yes they will get coached, yes they will get an opportunity for FREE value and support, but that is not the enrollment. Our job is to actually enroll them in being of service, the rest is perks! Can y’all see how this supports the process for the whole year? If someone is enrolled in getting coached, as soon as they don’t like it, or get a coach who triggers them, guess what? they go bye bye!! But if the enrollment is around service, its a totally different conversation.

The biggest piece of training other than that, and T can attest to this, is RELATIONSHIP. This is what this accountability is all about.

Thanks for the swing Juliana, the place I would look for the # is the idea of how many people will come in each day, with 5 there are 3 and 2, and if someone can’t come one of the days, you may get caught with only 1.

Juliana how many names would you like from each of us? Or total? By when?

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