Reply To: Leadership Team Integrity Check-in


Love it – so yes, Sabrina, any of us can start a thread each Monday with our check-in sheets and if we all have these up by 4pm – that works!

Also, we ask the participants to use the check-in sheet structure weekly and send these to us by Monday at 12pm so that we can also circulate them via a forum post. My request is that each Monday we have 2 threads: one for participants, another for our team’s check-in sheets, and we simply upload them to the posts.

If you have not already, please confirm that your participants have access to the affiliate site and know where to access the check-in sheet and are enrolled in sending these to you by Monday at 12pm.

I would actually invite us all to not only peek, but get curious about the projects. It can be a place to hide and if we are fully creating our lives, that our projects be in process and empowered is a part of that. As my first program coach always said, “without projects, you’re not really coaching” =)

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