Reply To: Service Project Vision

 Tiffany Turner

Charlie, thanks for bringing the awareness of our current participants mostly being sufferers. With that awareness, I see an opportunity to create an experience of them being around attackers, so as to trigger/take them out. Depending on the facility, a service project with adults with disabilities, could bring out a natural place of compassion for the participants who are mostly sufferers.

What about adults with mental health disorders/chemical imbalances? I think about my uncle who was schizophrenic, and he was such a sweetheart, but it was so confronting being with someone who would start self-attacking some other part of themselves at any minute (my uncle, for example, would be talking to me, and then he’d start yelling at some other part of his brain that was talking to him…it was challenging to be with, even though I was around it most of my childhood). Or a homeless shelter? The homeless folks in my neighborhood are highly impacted by addition and mental illness, and it’s extremely confronting being with them.

Who else sees something?

Sabs will you share what has you so excited to lead service project? It occurs that there’s something near or dear to you about this opportunity, and I notice I’m curious to know what that is for you.

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