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 Brittany Cotton

Hey all-

Here is the text I sent T in response to her GroupMe: “What I would give you around Bree is from customer service, incredible apology, not our intention or commitment, we asked to never be in that room again because the noise is an air vent, and that we will absolutely look at what we can create to support her so she can receive the videos in a way that is supportive vs disruptive.”

I checked each video upon download, and while you can in fact hear everyone, the noise of the fan is pretty loud. Its possible to hear everything, but Bree shared with T that she has hearing sensitivities, so the recordings with all of that put together are not exactly easy or comfortable, especially for someone who has to sit there for 20+ hours listening in from the computer. I think we absolutely need to look at what there is to create to support Bree, and apologize deeply from customer service. I personally will go through the other SD cards and see if we can provide some of the video in a format that is easier to hear.

From training and coach:And its all SO perfect because Bree’s objection to the program was missing the first weekend, and her self proclaimed FOMO. I coached her quite a bit on this, and so how perfect that something occurred here that is taking her out and bringing up all her fears and stories. While I think the camera/recording is absolutely a breakdown on our end to look at, its important for T to remember this is fertile ground with Bree, and its totally predictable to set her off. This is what we all do with our SMs, if we give me ammo, THEY WILL USE IT!

T what do you need? I know you shared with me that Bree calmed down and felt heard by you bringing customer service and apology. What else?

Team, anyone have any ideas on how to take off static air/noise from a video???

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