Reply To: Module 1 videos – breakdown in sound

 Tiffany Turner

Here’s what I got after checking in with a prior co-worker who’s in IT, and Googling shit.

1) To do this only with audio files is simple, to do it with video is more challenging. The recommendation is to export the audio from the video files, remix it (remove the static), and then add the audio back to the video file.

>>>> this requires 3 different softwares, // Audacity // Movie Maker

2) We can pay someone to do this for us. I used to work in IT and can source a few quotes from prior coworkers who are still in IT.

3) I could take a half day with Bree, and go over the tools/distinctions we trained in the room, and we can see if she’d be okay with having missed peoples DB videos/clips.


What else do you all see available?

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