Reply To: Ryan K – Red Flag


Thanks for standing for him, Juliana, and for bringing it to team.

I notice I fully trust him, and you, and I know Jeff will be an incredible support to you both.

What I see to put in for our team is that we encourage all of our participants, if and when it comes up, to look at their relationship to stand. Are they like “ok, step it up, there’s a gap in someone owning client game!” (like Ryan M. put in =) or are they relating to him (and each other) as their word? Often the opportunity to look at who team will be in the face of people getting confronted and bringing the quitting conversation doesn’t happen until month 3-4 when the novelty has worn off, but whenever it pops up it’s an opportunity for us all.

Juliana, what did he say would take him out of the program? If he didn’t say it would be this, how is this related to that?

T – you asked us to reflect when we notice you bringing drama and I see an opportunity. Your feedback here lands like drama in that you lead with your reaction and the feelings and the trigger and how interesting that is to you. With that in the space I read the rest from inside the love-hate-triggered-interesting context. I’d love to hear the gold you see from getting some more elevation – cause I know you can and want to practice this. (Reminder: this is me on your side loving you =)

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