Reply To: Ryan K – Red Flag

 Tiffany Turner

Thanks LKT. I also felt compelled to respond quickly, and rushed to put something in before my day started yesterday. So I also hear a reminder to choose urgency, rather than being triggered into it.

Alright, here’s what else I got: What’s going on in Ryan’s relationship with his fiance that has women in AC cause this discomfort for him? Is he hiding or protecting some part of himself that he doesn’t want his fiance, or any women, to experience? What’s does he fear about that part of himself?

J, I’m curious what part of yourself you hide/protect, and what’s available to Ryan when you set down what you’re hiding/protecting?

Nichole, this could be a place where you create new foundation/relationship with your brother and Lesa. Stand for them to create their own experience of the program, and not rely on you for info based on your experience. You could model Standing for them in this.

What else do you see, team?

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