Reply To: Ryan K – Red Flag

 Brittany Cotton

Nichole, I love how at cause you are to ensure everyone gets what they need and you are in integrity. Honestly its beautiful.

You will definitely play an interesting role this year with being on the leader team and having so many peeps from your life in the program. I can’t speak to every situation, but if there is something the leader team knows, and the participants do not, as a participant hasn’t shared with their team- yes it is confidential. Each situation of course may be different, but the training I would give you is to err on the side of confidentiality, and bring it to team if you are unsure. (Just like you did)

We are in a funny place, being at the beginning, because as these folks become team mates and start really being involved with each others lives, there will absolutely be more information being shared, but as of right now what is shared with the office or their coach may not be something they want shared with team, and thus I don’t advise us going and telling the other participants. As LKT put in and reminded, this is however a time to start supporting our team mates in Stand and who they are being about it.

Let me know if this answers your training request Nichole!




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