Reply To: Module 1 videos – breakdown in sound

 Brittany Cotton

Hey team,

Just connected with Kerry. Here is what we see, and would like your alignment/support with. In service of clarity I will be using bullet points 🙂

-T and myself will continue to apologize, and come from Customer Service with Bree, own the breakdown, and clean it up with her. And then enroll her in this:

-I will send Bree the DB clips from the second camera that have a little bit better sound quality, to ensure she gets to see every single DB clip in a format she can hear it.

-T will do the essence conversation with Bree, letting her know this is exactly how it went in the room and providing all the context. She will also train her in the Clearing exercise (I am happy to support with this T in terms of setting the foundation/context, etc). These will be 2 separate non coaching calls.

-Myself, Jeff and T will create a 2 hr zoom call with Bree where we go over all the distinctions, tools, etc that we went over in the room so she hasn’t missed any of those. This will be a high level overview of what she missed in the room, and support her in being exactly where her teammates are.

-I will let the office know we can NEVER be in that room again.

Our intention is that we take responsibility for the breakdown, and give Bree everything she needs to be caught up and empowered in a way that creates more relationship. T I will call you today to get in partnership around it!

**As a back up plan we can look into removing the ambient noise from the videos, if need be. This would be something we would need to create and generate as a team.

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