Reply To: October Twenty First: Participant Checks

 Juliana Sih

This is Sarah Bolton check in sheet from last week. I will bring a conversation to Sarah about submitting our the weekly check-in sheet by Monday instead of Thursday.



Name: Sarah Bolton 

Date: 10/17/19


Request for Coaching this Week:


  1. Money objections for coaching


  1. Finances/debt consolidation/balance transfer???


  1. Making more money


Practices I Completed:

  1. Cleaned and organized A LOT of my house yesterday.
  2. Printed out handouts for AC
  3. Sample coaching session with Christel


Practices that are Incomplete: 


  1. Tracking income and expenses
  2. Some MOPAs


Project #1:

What, by when?:  The Van Plan


Next Project Milestone:


Update/Progress this Week: 


Project #2 Badass $$$ Project (TBD)


What, by when? 


Next Project Milestone:


Update/Progress this Week:

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