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 Tiffany Turner

Thanks Nichole & LKT. I’ll reach out for support around my absence at Module 2.

And thanks Nichole for supporting Charlie on massage therapists!

I’m so sorry if this absence from team calls is a surprise to anyone, I’ve been juggling multiple enrollments around my known absences, and it’s a breakdown for my trip to China to be a surprise to anyone. This gap of information was an accident and I’m sorry for not clearly brining this to team sooner.

To be clear these are all my known absences for this program year:

  • Missing Module 1 day 1 and half of day 2
  • Missing Module 2 day 1 and half of day 2
  • Missing team calls Oct 22-30
  • 2 weeks completely offline for a babymoon in 2020

What I’m in right now, with all these conflicts, is an effect of declaring out for 19/20 program year, and planning my life without a commitment to AC. I’m in the goo of finding a new path in Having It All, and that’s including adding AC as a commitment, without compromising on my other pre-planned commitments. It’s pure happenstance that my flying days to and from China are on Tuesday’s and conflict with team calls, or I’d have been At Cause to be on them from abroad.

Team, I’m SO sorry! It’s not my commitment to miss calls, and I just don’t see another way except changing my flight, which I’m resistant and unwilling to do.

What do y’all see to share?

Last, I’ve collected each qualifying PC’s co-coaching requests, and I’ll be posting what I see to put in for each of you on forum when I land.

With you all from afar this week.



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