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 Aarti Mallya

For service project COS this is what I gathered from Britney today.

Overview – Intention to support participants and I’m assuming us as well to be with regardless of circumstances, get into essence, service, and acknowledgement. To be confronted and be with others, with it not really being a bunch of doing. So last year when we were at the veterans home a lot of us were sitting down and talking with veterans.

Options and other criteria for service project places are to include:

Place is able to have all of us and knows how many of us.

Place within about 10 miles so it doesn’t take too much time to get there.

Transpiration is to be figured out for getting all of us there. (I Mike Dankert can fit 4 in my suv besides me)

Transportation is figured out, time for travel, time at place, time back for lunch

Ideal times – be in cars by 11:15 am, to place by 11:30/11:45 be there for an hour or so

We are to have 3 qualifying places where Sabrina as leader can choose from and enroll us in on for the final team decision.

Does anyone see anything to add or have questions on any of this?

What do you see to take on with this awesome service project to have some great options for us to choose from in service of the participants, Sabrina our leader here who is under the weather, yourself and the rest of the team?

My  declaration is to have one option by EOD Friday the 25th for this project and to possibly continue volunteer at twice a month moving forward.




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