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Hey Team, I apologize for and fully own the breakdown of Brittany and Don’s check-in sheets not being available prior to co-coaching. That is not my commitment. I am working with Don to get his full access to the site and Brittany has marked her calendar going forward.

Copying Don’s “Mofa” check-in here, Britt’s attached.

Mofa questions:
1) Practice Essence conversation, Not sure I understand what it is, as it has to be practiced every week. Can we go over this.
2) Print and post, share essence name. Yes, done
3) clearing, been doing it every day, even weekends
4 and 5) Ordered and I think gotten all books and movies. Watch Albert Brooks, and the with Dustin Hoffman. (note, my wife enjoyed them too.)
6) posted in both of my offices
7) Listed, done. I think I shared these with you, if not, I will send again. Get referrals from at least three. I have ask 5 or more, only one or two have responded. (this is my expertise area, so not too worried about getting clients.)
8) yes, do you want to see my circles/game board. it is always changing as I get prospective clients.
9) Yes, picked one work from Dirty words. Last week was Why, this week was FIX.
10) Notice being not being in self and others. Very few people if any are separate from their fears. this is harder than I thought.
11) I have been sharing coaching everyday, kind of easy, as I talk to a lot of people.  I am also training my leadership to start noticing things.
12) read all handouts DONE
13) Group call. Set up for Nov. 2nd, sunday night
14) share with team, what will take me out. I thought we did this kind of already. I have done it on when I could get on the Web site.
15)  Log on website, done (but can’t get back on now.)
16) Make a list of different areas in you life where you are looking to make a shift. distinguish the game you have been playing. MAYBE we could go over this.
17) Distinguish your current relationship to Team, What am I committed to.
I am sharing with you right now what I will do. I am thinking of calling each one of them to talk about their issues. I also am trying to support them by encouiraging them. and responding to them, so atleast they know I am reading their Whatsapp texts.
18) Create your own well being tracking sheet and track your weekly average percentage. Do you have a sample of this for me? Please.
19) Using only one Schedule, schedule your time from Healthy Priorities. Notice what conflicts arise. then address them. I will set this up and text you a copy.
20) Get 5 clients before Nove 8th. ON IT!!
21) Prospect pack and Welcome Packet, TRYINGto get on website, will print out and study when I do.
22) I say bold things all day. Like 5 clients before Nove 8th, like 250 homes sold next year etc.
23) Rewrite letter to self. Hmmm. Not sure if you want four of them throughout the year, or all right now.
The weekly Coaching check in sheet. Could you send me an example of what that would look like.
I need help here.
I am getting up at 4 am everymorning to work on these things!
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