Reply To: Peak into my mess town

 Jeff Miller

Thanks T! I really get that you are playing a big game of creating both/and’s everywhere in your life. Have you gotten supported by LKT and Nichole? You can add me to the list of support as well.

What I notice, similar to last module, is what will be created in your absence? Prior to last module you had enrolled us in someone else attending the module in your absence. What is your intention for this upcoming module? What will happen when you are off the grid for 2 weeks on your glorious baby moon? Will that be outside of our modules?

It lands of here like here is what it is, what do you all need (if anything). I personally think it is amazing you are living your life and creating AC as a structure in your life. What would your life look like if it was seamless and AC and your life were not in opposition?

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