Reply To: Service Project Vision

 Brittany Cotton

Thanks Mike!

The option I would like to present to you all is the Rachel’s Women Center.  This is a drop-in day center for very-low income and homeless women. While it is a part of the the San Diego Center for Children, this location and particular center is only for women above 18 who have emergency or shelter needs. It is a place where they can come be in a safe, sober environment, that supports them in getting mail, clothes, recovery services, wellness activities, education, etc.

It is truly a place of Service, where women can come and not only be acknowledged, i.e. truly seen for who they are and what they need, but take showers, get health screenings and support, partake in activities, etc. Being that our participants have been in conversation around Well Being, I see this as a fantastic opportunity.

This is a place I have recommended in the past, and my attention keeps going to them each year. I would love for us to co create this with them, and have this be one of our 3 options!

Catholic Charities: Rachel’s Women’s Center

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