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 Charlie Horn


Thanks Jeff, Juliana and Mike for your responses. I like all of what you added. Who has something more?

Jeff I hear you and I hear the confusion from my words regarding completion as I reread them. To be more clear I would love to have a therapist speak to the process of allowing for emotions to be fully expressed and the benefits/outcomes of what that provides. And in service of being an example for the participants to understand what happens when we are holding onto emotions. I see this as an opportunity for those who may be unwilling to get vulnerable and express there absolute truth to potentially open them up to what is in it for them to take on cracking themselves open a bit.

Can each of you source one qualified therapist to get us to a total of 3 that we can choose from?

Here is what I have for COS for therapist.

  • Licensed
  • They are clear on the distinctions between therapy and coaching as we see it and what areas of overlap there are.
  • They have experience and knowledge about coaching
  • They find value in, advocate for, refer clients for coaching
  • They can speak to how the future can look with powerful relationships between therapists and coaches working together.
  • They can distinguish where a therapist might be recommended and when one should be refered, what to look out for as far as danger signs and who is unsafe to be coached. What to do if there is a client emergency.

Who will support me in getting to 3 qualified therapists flat by Friday?


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