Reply To: Service Project Vision

 Charlie Horn

I remember being at the veterans center and sitting with one of the old guys who couldn’t hear very well. I could have made this up in my head but i remember him saying something like I want to be alone and watch TV so scram kid! I was so upset because I felt like I failed as a servant. LOL of course I would have that is my flavor of suffering. Then I went for a walk by myself and ran into a guy way out back and talked with hi m the whole time. I genuinely had a great time with him and we were right there with each other the whole time. He kept telling me he was keeping me and he was going to let me get back inside and then we kept on talking. This happened a few times.

I will find one qualified location by EOD tomorrow. If the purpose is to be confronting it should be where there are some kiddos in need. That shit tears me up inside. I am going to see if the ronald mcdonald house at rays children hospital can support our crew.

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