Reply To: Guest Clients

 Juliana Sih

Hey team,

As a follow-up to our production, the vision I see for our participants is to have 5 guest clients. I have it that we are going to have more registrations so that number may change. I see 5 being the number to support our participants with lots of practice. They are all excited to be there and learn!

The support that I need from team is I would like to have 10 people to “interview” and screen for our CoS. This gives us a plethora of people to choose from and comes from a place of abundance.

I have connected with 2 people so far, Anne and Leah. I would like to have the other 8 options by Monday. Who’s got someone who would get a ton of value from being a guest client, is reliable and loves being of service? Please connect me 🙂

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