Reply To: Leadership Gaps

 Tiffany Turner

I LOVE READING THESE! Thanks Jeff for starting this.

  • Breakthrough for the year: SUPPORT (give and get). What this means to me is not making myself feel like I need to be The One to everyone, and really trusting the support of a team to be The One to each other, in every direction. And also in receiving support from everyone, I have some giant blind spots around where I can allow support, because I can’t see it.
  • Reflecting something BIG & BOLD, without partnership/relationship. I’m reliable to reflect something and land sideways because there’s a gap in relationship/partnership.
  • Generating this program – Being At Case to generate this year and this team, simply because I’m a leader of the work, and say so. Letting go of “Rules” and “Permission” in service of my growth as a leader. If you notice me pinging or asking for permission, please reflect the opportunity available to me in choosing something from my own Choice and Leadership.
  • Being Ontological. I’m easily seduced by Doing, and can easily step into facilitative coaching, rather than ontological coaching. These’s a growth edge available to me in being simple, clear, and context-based. And there’s something available in pace for me as well, my “Doing” will have me coach and speak so fast that it leaves people feeling like we gotta get somewhere, and that’s because underneath, I’m in a rush to get somewhere.

I’m sure there’s more, and I’ll continue posting here as they come to mind!

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