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 Tiffany Turner

Hey J – I LOVE the have 10 options and interview all of them idea.

One piece I want to put in from my experience owning Guest Clients last year, is that I had a WAY easier time coming from Customer Service, than I did from coach. In hindsight, I can see how I created the experience that Guest Clients could show up when they wanted, and skip when they felt like it, because I created partnership from a place of me/AC being in service to them, verses the other way around. The one guest client, Debi, who I had the most powerful partnership with, I stood for over and over, and I got SO MUCH out of the experience of working with her. I wish I did that with all 7 of our peeps from last year.

I just reached out to an amazing woman named Madina. She sat near Charlie at observation at Module 6 my participant year. She had wanted to be a guest client last year, but had some circumstances come up that she wasn’t up for working out to make being a guest client work. She has such a big heart, and she is already an advocate for our work. I’d love to have her join us this year!

I’ll circle back as soon as I hear back from her. If I don’t hear back from her in 48 hours, I’ll generate another lead for you.

<3 T.

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