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 Tiffany Turner

Charlie – Jack and I are currently In Process of getting pregnant. Once we declare a breakthrough in being pregnant, we’ll be planning a babymoon to celebrate end of our DINK (dual income, no kids) chapter.

Meatball I’m looking at your last question about what my life would look like if AC and my life weren’t in opposition. It’s fascinating because I’m so clear that with enough elevation, anything is possible and everything is enrollable. From there, I don’t have it that AC and my life are in opposition, but instead, competing priorities where I get to design, commit, and create things that are bigger than I’ve fulfilled before. The Being/Doing Integration, Leader, and Support breakthroughs I got from the weeks leading up to Module 1 were sooooooo money, AND I didn’t fulfill on my declarations.

So while I’m not connected to the opposition part you put in, I can see an integrity gap. How Enrollment went for me last year was all Doing, and last month I took on Enrollment from Being, which created new breakthroughs for me, but also didn’t have me fulfill on my declarations. So I’m curious what I would need to take on to both bring the Being, and be in integrity of the declarations I make.

Cancelling my November conflict seems WAY easier than creating an enrollment and being in the action I’d need to be in to miss 1.5 days. So I’m swinging for creating an enrollment and missing 1.5 days, simply because there’s more available for me and the entire team if I do.

I feel like the whole team has me. Thanks everyone for being here!!! I’m going to start with LKT and Nichole, and I’ll continue to reach out for support as I go along!

Love you all!


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