Reply To: The Power of Observation and Workshop — What will you declare?

 Tiffany Turner

Thanks for kicking this thread off, Nichole!

I’ve got a call scheduled with Cailin tomorrow about leading the LA workshop, and I’ve reached out to Mel and Michael from SD Monthly, who are both certified in PTL.

Meatball, any interest in leading PTL in LA?

I’m declaring 3 people in each PTL workshop!! And I’m taking a new approach, instead of sloppy, half-assed, scared outreach to a bunch of people, I’m going to do very intentional outreach to 10 people for each city. I’ll circle back to this thread to share my progress!

Britt suggest instead of creating an SD Workshop between now and module 2, we register people into the Module 2 workshop on Nov 9th instead.

SO, dates for workshops are as follows:

– SLO: 10/27, led by Shawna & Sabrina –

– LA: TBD, led by Cailin, Michael, Mel, or Meatball

– SD: 11/9, led by LKT, Meatball, or Britt –


Who else is ready to practice enrollment and holding possibility in registering people into these workshops?!

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