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 Sabrina Pratt

Thanks for starting this thread, Jeff. I guess I had a dream where I updated but I now see that that was indeed a dream. I’ve had more exciting dreams 🙂

My leadership gaps are:

1. Speaking with intention at appropriate times. Figuring out what I want to say prior to opening my mouth. Sharing with intentionality and decisiveness rather than babbling my way through something and working it out on loudspeaker in front of a crowd. I have a lifetime’s worth of experience doing this in my comedy world so this is a tough habit to break in some ways. I see so much room for my growth as a leader in speaking with more intentionality. Right along those lines- asking less questions. When I speak with more intention I won’t have to question if this is appropriate or not.

2. Speaking of being intentional about my speaking- limiting my sharing of jokes and personal stories to more appropriate times. I bring a lot of myself into the space and just kind of launch it at the room. I am committed to practicing servant leader and discovering the power there is in that (and breaking up the story that servant leader means a lot of hard work for no pay/no credit/it’s demeaning). I see room for myself to “step back” and more powerfully “step in” to my leadership role. I thought a lot about this one and I don’t see it as diminishing my power in any way but actually collecting and stepping into my power. Often my verbal word vomit and diatribes actually reduce the power of what I have to share.

3. Collaborating with my team and honestly sharing what is up with me/being in integrity out loud instead of quietly “cleaning up my messes” before they’re noticed or interfere in some way. I want to bring everything to team, even when it is messy. Even when it is embarrassing or I feel “Wrong” about it. I am ready to practice vulnerability in asking for help and admitting when I am “in over my head.”

4. Actually doing the work. No fair knowing the tools and then not using them. This oddly shows up all over my life- see curtain hung in my office by a thumbtack when I have a hammer and nails literally feet away from me. So, using the right tool to actually get the job completely done. I see room for me to stop half-assing it and just getting far enough into the work to slap a smile on my face and get by. Leading by heart requires something different of me- let’s call that something actually forgiving myself and others.

5. Uh. My appearance! I can see that my appearance in the last few years has become sloppy. Perhaps it is my way of saying “f the man” you can’t tell me how to dress/act/speak etc. and that is actually diminishing my power and dulling my shine. I am practicing loving myself, setting down the pain all over the place and am ready to fully step into my power as leader. I want to play with what is up for me in terms of how I treat my body and that includes showing up as leader v. high school drama teacher on her day off….speaking of setting down the pain, sometimes I just have to do tennis shoes but I have access to nice, comfy shoes that the dog hasn’t chewed on, so I will commit to wearing those to my coaching engagements.

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