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I just emailed Charlie (and Nichole because I remembered you raised your hand) a list of leads I see as worth reaching out to – copying here in case team sees anything to add about these folks.

The person I’d like us to reconnect with is Olivia Rosillo. She was a lead Beth generated last year, who I spoke to and was enrolled and LOVELY!

Charlie and team, looking forward to the three leads by EOD! Thanks for your commitment and leadership.

Lead Phone Website
Barbara Cox
Judy Liu  see B’s post above
Claudia Rhodes 619-248-2630
Janessa Daugherty (619) 304-7718
Abigail Burd (619) 494-2814
Cynthia Chapman
Sage Wisdom 858-481-8810
Edward Spencer
Alisha Frank
Olivia Rosillo 619-897-3828
Dalija Dragisic 619-518-7584
Rebecca Ching 619-819-0283 ext. 9
Graden Tonna 619-819-0283
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