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 Sabrina Pratt

Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for the follow up and thanks for the engagement message this morning LKT!

I woke up with the service project on my mind and my heart and am so excited for our 3 options vetted by EOD Today- hurray!

Did ya’ll know that I am a 13 year Girl Scout? Yep. I was in Girl Scouts from age 5-18. Mmhmm. I have sold a lot of cookies in my life time (can you see how those early entrepreneurial biz skills are paying off now 🙂 AND I have created a lot of service opportunity in my lifetime. I earned my Gold Award (which is like the Girl Scout version of the Eagle Scout) after earning my bronze, silver, leadership awards. I have devoted my life to the service of others through my work with non-profits and in our public school system and all the many, many hours volunteering. I freaking love being with people. I love helping others and being in service. It is one of my love languages and I can actually feel my heart expand thinking about the impact that my humility and presence can have on someone else’s life and experience. And, that’s all of us! Look at what we have chosen to do with our time on this planet?! We are living in our essence, our power, owning and creating a life that serves us which is in service of others. It’s beautiful. Shine ON!

AND- it’s so stinking awesome that our team is creating an opportunity for our participants to experience that kind of expansive love and joy! Yes!!!

Creating this service project with team is creating inside of me so much excitement and love- it’s really awesome and fun to be working together in this way!!!

Hey team, what is it that you are seeing for yourselves to be playing this game and creating this opportunity?! I realize I would love to hear what’s got you so excited about this service project!

Here is what I need from team:

-contact and vet one location to be sure that they are willing and able to meet our COS (can accommodate our group and are available for the days/times we will need).

-create enrollment with that location that would have our COS met.

-post here your location, the update and any pertinent contact information.

I will need at least 3 fully vetted options posted by 5pm today. According to our declarations sounds like we will have 5+ options to choose from- totally amazing! How awesome this is for our participants and for our team.

I have declarations from Mike, Brittany, Charlie, LKT & Jeff that say they will have one option available today by EOD.

JuSih? T? Nichole? What do you see in playing the service project game with us?

I am so excited about the variety of options our team is already dreaming up! Let’s keep getting creative and having some FUN with this project!!!

Thank you, thank you and please let me know if you need anything from me!

All my love;


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