Reply To: Therapist leader enrollment

 Charlie Horn

Great work everyone. Thanks Brittany and LKT for the leads. Jeff will you call Brittany’s lead please. Who has someone that is vetted? I called and left voicemails with the 4 referrals I have. I am going to push the deadline for having 3 fully qualified and vetted therapists to eod Monday. Who can support me and say who they will call from LKT’s list and who has someone from another source? I am present to myself wanting to just say lets just pick someone that is available and on the list’s we have and as a practice for me I am interested in what the opportunists will be presented from taking one more step and getting another lead to call on. I am really present to the opportunity to see the positive consequences in everything and from there how abundant, simple and easy it ALL can be. Who has something for me and for themselves? Let me know what your thoughts are please.

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